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Somaliland suspends monthly stipend from 3 Somali legendary poets and composers

Self breakaway region of Somaliland has withdrawn the monthly salary payment from 3 well known Somali poets and music composers.

Mohamed Ibrhim Warsame aka Hadrawi, Hassan Haji Abdullahi aka Hassan Geny and Abdi Adan Haad aka Qays are some of the most widely respected poets and composers in the Somali culture.

Speaking to Goobjoog Abdirisak Hure Walan-wal, a relative of Hadrawi stated “the suspension started 3 months ago.”

The monthly salary which is US500 used to be paid by the Somaliland presidential office was instituted 8 months ago under the authority of former president Ahmed Silanyo.

Somaliland administration has not released yet their official stand on the matter but some of the region’s ministries have recently sent home staff that were employed by the former immediate administration among them the nullification of the presidential ministry.

The 3 legendry poets and composers have thrilled the Somali public for the last 40 years with their oratory skills and music compositions which earned them to be a household name in the Somali community.

In particular, Hadrawi is said to be bedridden for some time now and has become senile due to his advanced age.

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